Even though I’m based in Boulder, only about 20% of my clients are actually in Colorado. I travel a ton in the states and internationally.

:did you know: with any wedding or elopement booked in a national park, I donate 5% of the cost to the park!


January - California, New York
February - California, Arizona
March - California
April - Vermont, Arizona
May - Wisconsin
June - Banff, Morocco

July - Iceland, California
August - Switzerland
September -
October - Alaska
November -
December - Illinois




Places I've Been

Iceland, Norway, Wales, Italy, Mexico, St. Lucia, Bali, Tanzania, Seychelles

Where I Want To Go

The Ruins Venue, Union Pine Portland, Patagonia, Grand Tetons, Moab, Banff National Park, Faroe Islands, East Africa / West Africa, Scotland


Traveling is my favorite hobby which is why I don't consider myself to be a photographer "based" from anywhere. Take me where ever your love resides.

Love Free Things?

If you're planning on getting married at one of my dream travel spots I've listed above then I will shoot your wedding for free! You'll receive my most popular wedding package for cost of nothing (just a flat travel fee). Inquire now -