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Whether you're planning an intimate wedding or eloping in the woods, I'd love to capture your story. Send me an email for package and availability info and I'll get back to you soon! 

Elopements start at $2,500 and Weddings start at $2,800

Looking on where I would shoot your elopement or wedding for free?! Scroll down for some details!

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Travel & Bucket List

Travel & Bucket List

bucket list weddings

That's right! I have a bucket list! And before you think "oh man, she's one of those photographers who just wants these out of the box perfectly styled weddings" ... ok that's kindaaa true, every photographer does. This is a creative business so we as photographers love different. But my bucket list has nothing to do with style, I firmly believe you should be the bride YOU want to be! That's not the only reason I have a bucket list. Everyone has a bucket list, whether it's traveling, advancing in a skill, etc. So I figured, if my bucket list is to travel to these places anyways, why not do your wedding if you're going to be there too! 

That being said, here's the deal; if you're planning on getting married at one of my dream travel spots I will shoot your wedding FOR FREE! The only thing you have to pay for is a flat rate travel fee. So you get my most popular wedding package FOR FREEEE. So if your spot is listed below ... or even if it's not, inquire! I may have forgotten how amazing your wedding location is! I'll give you all the details on what the free package includes. 


N o r w a y

S w i t z e r l a n d 

U n i o n  P i n e  P o r t l a n d

P a t a g o n i a 

T h e  R u i n  V e n u e 

M o r o c c o

S o u t h / W e s t   A f r i c a 

S w e d e n 

F a r o e   I s l a n d s 




2017 Travel Dates

2017 Travel Dates

These are my current wedding locations for the 2017 months. Although not listed, I will continuously be in Colorado and New York each month. If you're in the area and are looking for an engagement or boudoir let's chat :)

January: Utah, Washington

February: Oregon, Joshua Tree

March: Florida, California

April: California, Vermont

May: Oregon, California, Iceland, Norway

June: California, Washington, Rhode Island

July: Oregon

August: Illinois, Montana, Alaska

September: Italy, Switzerland, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, Iceland

October: Mexico, California

November: Mexico

December: Illinois