There's nothing I enjoy more than being a wedding photographer in Boulder

Chautauqua and Flagstaff mountain...

Pearl St. and Boulder Creek...

Even the countryside outside of the city is lovely for photos.

It was an extremely hard decision to narrow down my favorite Boulder Wedding Venues because there's not many that are a bad choice.  So, in no particular order here are my top 13:  

1. Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center


Wedgewood on Boulder Creek stands out for many things the most notable being the magnificent mountain views just 3 miles up the canyon from downtown Boulder. Wedgewood is also perfect for your big day since the center specializes in all matters weddings from planning to the actual ceremony giving you unmatched peace of mind. Wedding planning can be really hectic so why not take the pressure away? Wedgewood Center hosts 3,000+ successful weddings yearly at its 30 venues across the USA. Considering the Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center has been around for decades, you couldn’t ask for a more prepared venue.  



2. Hotel Boulderado


Want your wedding to feel like the set of Titanic?  Every time I visit Hotel Boulderado, I feel like I might see Leo & Kate come around the corner at any minute ; )

The early 20th century opulence and charm make it one of the most unique wedding venues in Colorado. Hotel Boulderado stands out for many things. First and foremost, the hotel has ample celebration space spanning 10,000 square feet coupled with ultra modern ballroom facilities featuring private function areas as well as an outdoor courtyard. The hotel also has plenty of luxurious dining and accommodation facilities for guests who wish to celebrate with you till dawn. 



3. St Julien Boulder’s Hotel & Spa 


If you're looking for a venue that is classy, modern and luxurious look no further. St Julien Hotel & Spa gives you just that and more. Your guests can enjoy a myriad of activities from golfing at a nearby golf course to exquisite massages in the hotel’s world-class spa. The hotel also offers mouth watering customized menus, complimentary cake cutting, a dance floor for the evening party, stunning décor and much more. 



4. Boulder Country Club 


Boulder CC stands out because of its panoramic mountain views from the club’s dining room and balcony. The Boulder Country Club also offers all wedding packages all-inclusive with professional wedding planning services at different prices for any budget.  You're also guaranteed to be the only bride on your reserved day so you won't have to share your special day! Boulder CC has a huge yard and venue space in one of the most relaxing recreational spots in Colorado.



5. Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA)


The BMOCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) is a great choice if your looking for something whimsical and unique in Boulder. The Museum’s galleries have been transformed by new groups of world renowned artists making them perfect wedding venues for art lovers. The artwork at BMOCA acts as a perfect art backdrop. There's absolutely no need for more décor. The museum also has a perfect location facing the magnificent Central Park. What more would an art loving couple ask for?



6. Rembrant Yard Art Gallery & Event Centre


The one thing that helps Rembrandt Yard stand out from most Boulder wedding venues is the ability to choose. When you decide to have your wedding at Rembrandt Yard, you aren’t required to choose a wedding package featuring predetermined vendors. Rembrandt Yard allows you to choose each and every vendor from scratch. This offers you the rare chance of deciding how to allocate your wedding planning monies to the last cent.  Just steps off Pearl St, Rembrandt Yard ensures you have the most unique wedding possible on top of offering the most outstanding views of Downtown Boulder and the Flatiron Mountains. 



7. The Greenbriar Inn 


Nestled into the rolling foothills between North Boulder Open Space, the Greenbriar Inn is another picturesque spot for an indoor/outdoor wedding that really harnesses what Boulder is all about. Not only do they have 20 acres of expansive beautiful gardens and ponds for you to explore but a beautiful, historic building as well.  All of their food is fresh and the herbs and veggies they use come directly from their garden outside! 



8. Agora Center Boulder 


Agora at the Riverside stands out for being a naturally inviting and inspirational wedding venue. It's the only downtown venue/restaurant that's directly on the creek which makes it a perfect spot to celebrate (and if it's a Saturday take in Boulder's famous farmer's market across the street).  The center also guarantees private restaurant patio use for wedding couples. To top it off, The Agora Center offers very reasonable rates for all packages.



9. Folsom Field 


If you’re thinking Folsom Field is just a football stadium or "the place that you finish at the end of Bolder Boulder", think again!  Folsom hosts weddings too!  And if Flatiron views are a must have, I honestly don't think you can do any better anywhere else in Boulder.  The field also has a rooftop terrace that offers the kind of views you usually have to share with thousands of others. You probably don't need to be told this, but the space is huge!  Folsom Field has event space spanning approximately 14,000 square feet making it perfect for large parties. They don't skimp on amenities. The field also has an enclosed bar area featuring heaters and fire pits for the perfect evening party. 



10. Chautauqua Dining Hall 


Chautauqua is the most popular hiking spot in Boulder for good reason.  And chances are you've taken pictures in the meadow just a stone's throw away from this spectacular venue. The Chautauqua Dining Hall is a national historic landmark that looks just as good inside as the scenery around it. For over a century, the Chautauqua Dining Hall has held a very special place in the hearts and minds of the Boulder community. And if you really want to 'wow' your out of town guests, you can reserve a few of those classic cottages directly on the meadow too! 



11. Sunrise Amphitheater

Ok, so maybe I'm biased because this is where my husband proposed to me, but Sunrise Amphitheater is out of this world beautiful!  Located approximately 15 minutes west of Boulder up curvy Flagstaff Mountain Road, Sunrise Amphitheater is the only Boulder wedding venue that gives sweeping views of the whole city (and Denver on a clear day). The Amphitheater obviously glows a gorgeous orange at sunrise but it's natural lighting during the late afternoon is soft and beautiful too since the venue faces east. Nothing beats a sunset/sunrise wedding don't you think?



12. Koenig Alumni Center 


Did you meet your sweetheart when you were students at CU?  I love it when couples go back and celebrate their marriage to the place their story started. The Koenig Alumni Center stands out for its lovely enclosed backyard as well as its ample 1st floor space for weddings. The alumni center also boasts a memorable and historic building that it is over a century old (built in 1884). The prices are also incredible. You can enjoy great savings with the center's affordable wedding packages as well as a 10% rental discount if you are a University of Colorado Boulder alumni. This special discount is offered in celebration of the University’s legacy. Can't complain with that!  



13. Colorado Mountain Ranch 


Want to escape the bustle of Pearl St while staying close to civilization? Just drive 20 minutes up from the front range to this wild mountain ranch where you can arrange for activities such as horseback rides and mountain boarding. When you wed at the Colorado Mountain Ranch, you get more than a magnificent Boulder wedding venue. This family owned and operated mountain ranch offers you an unmatched homely experience. The privacy and attention to detail also stands out since the Colorado Mountain Ranch holds a maximum of one wedding every week. This ensures there is unmatched focus on a couple’s vision for their big day. 



Hope this helps with picking a venue! 

- Stephanie

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