Looking for Nature-Inspired Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah?

According to utah.com, “If Utah don’t got it, you don’t need it.” Seems legit, right?

So, whether you’re looking for gorgeous wedding venues in Utah, or simply a day or days of fun with friends, family, or a partner-in-crime, you probably can’t go wrong with visiting this state filled with rugged rocks and lakes.

Utah Wedding Venue Under Canvas

Are You Looking for Nature-Inspired Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah?

Luckily, I am in the business of sourcing, visiting, photographing, and marveling upon some of the most amazing wedding venues in Utah and beyond. And there’s nothing more invigorating than to be in nature with two people in love.

With my camera, uninterrupted energy, and passion - I have found a gem of a location that speaks to the body, mind, and soul. And after experiencing so many amazing wedding venues in Utah, this is the one that really caught my eye.


Under Canvas in Moab, Utah opened its doors in 2014, and is a glamping experience that’s set right in the heart of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. It’s an outdoor-lovers dream — quiet and secluded, yet luxurious and close to the many main attractions.

What Is Under Canvas?

Under Canvas is an outdoor immersive initiative in eight different locations within the U.S. inspired by the African safari experience. It all began in 2009, and follows the idea that those who visit can enjoy nature in comfort and style.

“We believe that that nature is the best architect, family and friends are the best entertainment, and that a piece of every soul is hidden somewhere outside.”


Why Is This Gorgeous Spot One of the Best Wedding Venues in Utah?

  • It’s 40 acres of uninterrupted natural beauty

  • It’s a mere seven miles from the hustle and bustle of Moab city center

  • The dramatic La Sal Mountain and other ravines make up the breathtaking scenery

  • Luxury tents create a feeling of comfort away from home

  • The venue has exclusive activities to offer, such as hot air ballooning, jet boat tours, horseback riding, spa treatments, zip-lining, scenic flights, hiking, and water sports

  • They offer coffee delivery every morning straight to your tent

  • They offer exclusive renting of the entire venue for the wedding of your dreams

  • They spoil their guests with uninterrupted views of Arches National Park

  • They’re partnered with Leave No Trace — an eco-friendly initiative

  • They use 87% less water than a hotel of similar size, and two of their camps run on 100% solar power

  • There’s daily housekeeping and fresh towels

  • They offer king-size beds in many of their tent options

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A Wedding at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah

Picture an evening or two with the ones you love, sitting under the night sky. Smiles are in abundance, laughs and good cheer fill the empty, quiet spaces of the vast desert landscape, and your eyes are treated to the odd shooting star and rugged canyons.

This is what tying the knot in this nature-inspired wedding venue looks like. It’s the chance to re-connect with the great outdoors while keeping the element of magnificence and luxury.

The venue works brilliantly for a number of different themes - country, desert oasis, eco, minimalistic, western, or boho-chic, as the space is so boundless and simple.

Additionally, Under Canvas in Moab has seven different glamping tent options, each with the ability to hold either four to seven guests, making it a perfect spot for you and your wedding party.

For pre or post-wedding adventures, Arches National Park is a few miles south, and Canyonlands National Park is 30 minutes by car.


Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married at Under Canvas in Moab, Utah

  • While pricing for this venue is available only upon request, your quote will be an exclusive booking of the entire venue. What does that mean for you? Absolute privacy, intimacy, and uninterrupted fun.

  • The venue itself can hold up to 350 seated guests, and 500 standing. There’s no curfew, making it an all-night party until the sun comes up, if you fancy.

  • The venue offers indoor and outdoor venue spaces, so you can dress up the night sky or keep it more cool, calm and collected inside.

  • Catering is up to you, giving you the freedom to control and customize to your taste.

  • It’s a BYOB venue but if you choose to have a bar, a licensed server is required.

  • The venue is available during the warmer months, meaning it is closed from November to March.

  • In addition to luxury tents and safari suites, they also offer 40 tipis. The site can thus accommodate up to 150 sleep over guests.

  • Pets are welcome.

  • A bridal suite and changing room is available.

  • There’s no wifi available to encourage authentic connections with the ones you’re with.

  • There are on-site bathrooms, ample parking, and a communal fire pit.

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Under Canvas in Moab — One of The Most Award-Winning Wedding Venues in Utah

Yet another reason to choose this nature-inspired wedding venue is its notable awards and mentions.

It’s been featured in:

And has received a/an:

They’ve also recently implemented the ‘Pay What You Can’ initiative for traveler’s who can’t afford a luxury glamping experience, but are pining for an outdoor vacay.

In short, I highly recommend Under Canvas in Moab, as it’s arguably one of the most beautiful nature-inspired outdoor wedding venues in Utah.

The feeling you receive when you step onto this spacious, outdoor haven is indescribable and, in my books, incomparable to any other wedding venue in Utah. It really is that special!

For more information on Under Canvas, or to chat with me about your wedding photography needs, feel free to drop me a line.

I also have great experience in outdoor-inspired wedding venues in Wyoming, and Joshua Tree wedding venues that are just as incredible!

Stephanie Fisher