20 Fresh + Inspiring Color Palettes For a Mountain Wedding


Does your soul crave to be amongst the majestic mountains? Do you love being an awe of nature while being with the ones you love? There are so many fantastic mountain wedding venues that can give you just that! A mountain wedding has the ability to bring such peace and tranquility, and is an absolutely perfect way to say your “I do’s”.

Color Palettes for a Mountain Wedding that’ll Bring your Big Day to Life

So whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a gorgeous big day set amongst the mountains in all its grandeur in your hometown, these color palettes for a mountain wedding are so elegantly inspired, you may just fall in love all over again.



Dusty Blue and Blush wedding colors.jpg

Dusty Blue + Blush

Dusty blue is such an soft yet powerful color that’s helped bring many a wedding to life. Create a color palate of bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses holding a blush bouquet of flowers, a blush arch with a mixture of dusty blue, and blush pieces of decor, such as tablecloths and napkins.

Plush pink + Grey + Beige.jpg

Plush + Pink + Grey + Beige

A superb color combination. When mixed, the various tones of grey really add warmth and love to your sweet plush pink. It’s feminine with masculine undertones and, when decorated against the hilly mountains in nature, will create a happy feel for all of your guests. Consider a mixture of these light and dark pastel colors for your decor, and your bridesmaids in a gorgeous shade of gray.

Mauve + Lilac + Pink.jpg

Shades of Mauve + lilac + pink

This combination creates a perfect setting against the backdrop of the strong yet powerful mountain ranges. It can be used in a formal or an informal wedding ceremony, and is classy yet eye-catching. With bridesmaids in various shades of mauve, lilac and blush pink, and a simple yet striking bouquet of flowers ranging from lights to darks, you’ve got a boho-chic pastel dream wedding color theme.

Grey + Coral.jpg

Grey + Coral

Use grey colors for the groomsmen and the coral pink for the bridesmaids to create a beautiful contrast of color. Alternate between bold pink and coral pink and grey for your wedding decor, and you’ve got a wonderful nature-inspired color theme that’s eye-catching and gorgeous.


Bronze + Forest Green + Black.jpg

Plank + Evergreen + Gold

When it comes to colors that bring warmth, plank, evergreen, and gold are the perfect trio. Picture it: you’re somewhere serene and soul-enriching with your nearest and dearest and these three colors to keep you warm. They’re perfect for a winter wedding, and anything nature-inspired.

Navy Blue + Maroon.jpg

Navy Blue + Maroon + Gold

Three colors inspired by nature, using navy blue, maroon, and tones of gold is a perfect way in which to mimic the beauty of your natural surroundings while keeping a warm ambience. With your bridesmaids in either navy blue or maroon, you can use your shades of gold and red for your centerpieces, creating a beautiful contrast that’s also nature-inspired.

Burgundy + Navy + Gold.png

Burgundy + Navy + Gold

With navy as your base color, the burgundy really and truly pops. The two colors go together effortlessly and represent a fiery yet beautifully warm feeling for your fall or winter wedding. Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in burgundy dresses, and the groomsmen and groom-to-be in navy. Add some gold touches for that final sparkle, and you’ve got an elegant wedding color palette to impress.

Burgundy + Rose Gold + Beige + Glitter.jpg

Burgundy + Rose Gold + Beige + Glitter

Rose gold has certainly made its way into the hearts of many a bride of late. And with the support of deep burgundy, this color was made to shine. With rose gold, copper, and glitter-inspired decor, have your base color and bridesmaids dresses in burgundy to create a sweet fall or winter color palette.


Beige + Brown + Gray-Green + Gray.jpg

Beige + Brown + Gray-Green + Gray

You’ve chosen to have a mountain wedding because you’re in adoration of the outdoors. And what better way to celebrate nature than to have these natural tones of beige, brown, gray-green, and gray? Create a minimalistic yet thoughtful touch with these earthy colors and embrace the fantastic scenery.

Biscuit + Rose Gold + Blush + Ivory.jpg

Biscuit + Rose Gold + Blush + Ivory

Use these nude colors that pair so beautifully for a natural mountain wedding. They’re clean, bright and create an elegant and feminine feel. Why not have your bridesmaids wear biscuit or blush dresses with a white bouquet, with rose gold and ivory decor to grab everyone’s attention?

Dusty Rose + Greenery.jpg

Dusty Rose + Greenery

With dusty rose table runners and flowers sitting pretty alongside the color of the green forest, you’ve got an excellent earthy wedding color palette inspired by the great outdoors. With bridesmaids in dusty or pastel pinks, the darker colors will compliment your day perfectly.

Olive Green + Cream + Manila.jpg

Olive Green + Cream + Manila

Depending on the way in which you use these colors, you could create a late summery going-into-fall-feel or a rustic chic-inspired wedding color combination. Add gold or manila table cloths with gorgeous fresh white flowers, and beautiful olive bridesmaid dresses to compliment.

Silver Ivory Beige wedding.jpg

Brown + Ivory + Gold

An elegant array of colors for a natural feel, brown, ivory and gold is neutral yet classic. Use brown as your accent color, decorating the space with gold and ivory centerpieces and serving trays, and you’ve got a natural color theme that really pops.

Sage Green + Camel.jpg

Sage Green + Camel

Planning to wow your guests with winter colors that flow together effortlessly? The combination of sage green and camel is not only a unique way to represent nature, but also looks amazing. It creates a feeling of warmness and love while in the midst of sheer beauty. These earthy winter tones are just marvelous.


Navy Blue + Blush Pink.jpg

Navy Blue + Blush Pink

Navy blue paired with blush pink is a fantastic color scheme that holds a striking yet beautiful contrast. And what’s also great about this color pairing, is that it never goes out of style, making it a classic yet trendy look. Balance the feeling of masculinity and femininity with the groomsmen in navy suits and the bridesmaids in blush pink dresses. Add in a touch of gold to your decor and you’ve got a wedding color palette that’ll inspire.

Marsala + Gold Accents + Sapphire + Fawn .jpg

Marsala + Gold Accents + Sapphire + Fawn

Create yet another beautiful contrast with the colors of masala, gold accents, sapphire blue, and fawn for you and your guests to marvel over. With light touches of sapphire, use your earthy tones of marsala and fawn generously to create a stand-out effect. It’s a gorgeous mixture of colors that go together amazingly. Dress your bridesmaids in light colors and have them hold a colorful bouquet of flowers. It’s the perfect way to stay natural with a bold and contrasting effect.

Mauve + Grey.jpg

Mauve + Grey + Ivory

With natural tones of grey and ivory and the accent color, mauve, you’ll be able to bring your wedding to life. These three colors pair perfectly, and show off a feeling of sophistication and class. With your bridesmaids in mauve holding a white or light pink bouquet, and accessories in grey and ivory, you’ll be able to create a balance of natural yet charming.


Metallic Coral + Copper + Nude.jpg

Metallic Coral + Copper + Nude

For that bohemian slash hippie-inspired wedding look, metallic coral, copper, and shades of nude and pink create such a breathtaking scene for a mountain wedding. Add in a few fresh colorful flowers to compliment the look, while using pieces of coral and metallic copper (and perhaps a few pieces of glittery rose gold) as your impeccable decor. Set amongst the rolling mountains, you’ve got a color palette that really wins.

Pink + Purple + Gold + Lilac + Colorful Summer Twists.jpg

Pink + Purple + Gold + Lilac + Colorful Summer Twists

For that boho-chic slash flower-inspired carefree vibe, these colors are simply perfect. Using pastel colors with a few summery bold touches such as bright yellow, pinks and green, creates a palette that’s gorgeous for any nature-inspired wedding. Consider flowers for your hair as well as for your final touches.

Burnt Orange + Copper + Brown.jpg

Burnt Orange + Copper + Brown

For a mixture of earthy tones, contrasting colors, and boho-chic, burnt orange, copper, and brown go together flawlessly. One could not ask for a more mountain-inspired wedding palette. With your bridesmaids in burnt orange with decor of copper pieces, and a few summer bold colors to compliment, you’ll be able to create the ultimate nature wedding style.

Have you found your perfect mountain color palette for your big day? Whether you’re going for a bold statement, something subtle and natural yet classic, or perhaps something pastel-inspired, I hope you’ve managed to get some great ideas!

For more wedding day inspiration, you can check out my wedding photography, or simply get in touch! I’m Stephanie Fisher, a destination wedding photographer hoping to make your big day better than you’d ever imagined.

Stephanie Fisher