I'm Stephanie, a wedding photographer for everyone. You like waterfalls, mountains, adventure? Cool so do I, let’s get out there and have fun shooting in all the nature. But I also love your messy home, your old run down car that he picked you up for your first date in, hanging out in your kitchen watching you guys make pancakes together because that’s your tradition. I work best when you trust me. My job is to capture you two as you are.

Hi honeys, here are lots of paragraphs to try and better tell you who I am. 

I’m your typical amazon prime loving, chipotle eating, Netflix binging girl. I originally went to school for Biology and graduated with my bachelors but somehow ended up with a camera in my hand and have been passionately pursuing photography as a career for the past 5 years. When it comes to my work I'm confident, reliable, going above and beyond to please you ... I'm basically the golden retriever of photographers.

I'm a wife myself. Nick and I met at our campus ministry and quickly bonded over our love for Yosemite and Waynes World, quite the duo I know. He has the attention span of a gold fish sometimes and he doesn't listen worth a crap but we are the type of couple who thrive when were together. He truly is my other half and I know I could never EVER love someone quite like I love him. He’s a director of marketing and the hardest working man I know. He’s such a provider and loves like nothing I’ve ever experienced. He’s doesn’t love Olive Garden though so he’s not that great. Those breadsticks are therapy. Still a solid 9.5/10.

Funny because when we got married we both decided “no kids, nevah” but between God’s plan and some faulty birth control our sweet little girl Stevie Bea was born. We’re constantly tired and don’t get as many date nights as we use, to but taking care of her is something I never knew I needed. Something about birthing a baby just changes it all. To love her and care for her is a gift I am forever grateful for.

We love everything outdoors. If we ever have a free weekend we pack up the pups, Stevie, and take the top off the jeep and just drive around exploring.

We travel, ooooo do we travel. For work and for play. We love traveling to different states and countries to experience their diverse cultures and the versatility of the nature. I'm a firm believer that travel humbles you, shows you a new appreciation, and teaches you things a classroom never could. 

We’re both central Illinois natives but to us Boulder, CO is home. So far we’ve lived in Boulder, Tempe, Manhattan, and Santa Monica and all for Nick’s job. We’re so lucky to have been able to experience so many incredible cities but we made it back to Boulder and just starting to grow our roots and it’s funny how excited I am for that. I want to have a wall that I can mark Stevie’s growth, have my Christmas tree in “that” corner every year, you know, the cliche lifetime movie junk.


I want to be 100% there for the couples I shoot. I've made the mistake in the past of taking every inquiry because my heart is so over joyed with people wanting me as their photographer. It’s a honor I can’t describe being chosen to document someone’s story and I want it to show in my work. Less is more and I don't want to feel tired and constantly overworked. It's important for me to take the time to know my couples, talk with them and really listen to their story. I want to work my ass off for you, not for 100’s of other couples. In return, the photos turn out beautiful  because we are comfortable with each other and they're never just another booking in my eyes.