I'm Stephanie, a wedding photographer for everyone. for the bride who is a little boho gypsy inside, or the bride who loves trekking up the mountains and dangerously close to waterfalls, the bride who is maybe not the most traditional, or maybe you value tradition.  You want to wed in front of some beautiful nature or maybe inside an old industrial building. I am not for one bride. I am for everyone. I don't work best in a certain setting, I work best when you trust me. so just let me do what I do and I promise I will work my ass off for you to give you memories you can forever cherish.

Hey, I'm Steph. Here are lots of paragraphs to try and better tell you who I am. 

I originally went to school for Biology and graduated with my bachelors but somehow ended up with a camera in my hand and have been passionately pursuing photography as a career for the past 5 years. When it comes to my work I'm confident, reliable, going above and beyond to please you ... I'm basically the golden retriever of photographers.

I'm married to my husband Nick who I met in College at Illinois State University. We met at our campus ministry and quickly bonded over our love for Yosemite and Waynes World, quite the duo I know. He has the attention span of a gold fish sometimes and he doesn't listen worth a crap but we are the type of couple who thrive when were together. He truly is my other half and I know I could never EVER love someone quite like I love him. Also, lucky for you, he's my second shooter! We make a great team :)

Our favorite thing is driving to beautiful places with our perfect little chihuahua pups, folding down the seats, and camping out in the back of our jeep. We also just added a new little addition to our family! Our little baby girl Stevie Bea. I'm gonna be honest, we both did not see ourselves with children, ever. But our little "oops" has already grown to be our happiest adventure yet. Seriously we are so smitten by her I can't imagine my family any other way. 

We travel, ooooo do we travel. For work and for play. We love traveling to different states and countries to experience their diverse cultures and the versatility of the nature. I'm a firm believer that travel humbles you, shows you a new appreciation, and teaches you things a classroom never could. 

Ok so where do I live. Boulder, Colorado is my home base but we currently live in New York City for my husbands job. Whyyyy am I holding onto CO you ask? Because out of all the places we have ever lived/visited nothing feels quite like home than Boulder. We can't wait to raise our daughter there. Sorry NY, you're just not doin it for me ;) 

I'm obsessed with chipotle and amazon prime. I love farmers markets, gardening, anything involving florals, and Jesus. All these blessssssings on blessings I owe to Him. I'm not the healthiest eater, but I try my best to eat only humanely raised meats and fresh ingredients. 

I'm the kind of photographer who wants to travel, explore and connect with my brides. I want to be 100% there for the couples I shoot. I've made the mistake in the past of taking every inquiry because my heart is so over joyed with people wanting me as their photographer. Less is more and I don't want to feel tired and constantly overworked. It's important for me to take the time to know my couples, talk with them and really listen to their story. In return, the photos turn out beautiful  because we are comfortable with each other and they're never just another booking in my eyes.

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